custom commissions

starting at $150

For a truly unique and personalized experience, I offer custom tattoo design services. If you're interested in getting a custom tattoo, simply fill out the form on my contact page, and I'll be in touch to get the process started. Let's create something truly special together!




so how does it work?

You tell me your idea, I bring it to life. It's as simple as that! A lot of the time, clients bring me images from Pinterest and say "I like this... but not exactly like this"—aka "I like this vibe, but I want a unique piece that no one else has". That's where I come in!

You give me a few reference photos, or a general idea of what I'm creating, and I'll send you a sketch in 3-5 business days. After that, you get 3 rounds of edits to make it perfect!


If you're brave enough! Just kidding, nope! You'll bring it to your favorite fine-line tattoo artist in your area and they'll bring it to life on your skin. Need exact dimensions? No problem! Just let me know and I can send you the exact size/file type.

is it totally custom?

Yep, that's the whole goal of a commission! Tiny Tattoos are hard to make TOTALLY never-before-seen unique because they're typically small icons (ie cowboy hats, cowboy boots, skulls, etc.), but rest assured there won't be another one exactly like yours. 

How does payment work?

Payment comes at booking, before work begins. A $100 deposit is required to get started. If your tattoo will cost more to complete, you will be informed before work begins (after consultation) and the remainder will be due at the end of the project, before final files are sent. There are never any hidden fees here and never any surprise/unexpected costs! I take payment via PayPal or Venmo.